Life is about the Long Game – Not Giving in to the Negative

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Life is about the Long Game – Not Giving in to the Negative

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We clearly live in a society in turmoil. Whenever humans go through periods of rapid advancement and change such as we’ve experienced with the effects of the internet and technological advancement there’s going to be profound effects.

That means that you will experience times where it seems that everything is negative. People are unreasonable, work is difficult, sales are hard to achieve, everything seems to dance on the edge of a knife.

Really though, the negative is coming from within. It’s that good old fight/flight mechanism coming to the surface. Fear is a protective mechanism. Negativity comes from fear. It’s the conscious effort to see only the bad things that are occurring (or at the very least focus on them, only).

The sun coming out after it rains is inevitable. When a downturn in business happens, there will be an upturn (even its merely because of relativism). After war comes peace. Recognizing that, it’s tenacity that wins. If you can train yourself to just stick out the negative, you will win.

How do you do that? Not easy, it requires discipline. It’s all about where you put your focus. Turn off the negativity. Stop counting the minuses. Get the “no” voices out of your head.

Am I advocating ignoring risks? Overlooking problems? Not talking to people that might bring you down? No. Sticking your head in the sand never hit anyone anywhere and can lead to worse problems.

What I am suggesting is you discipline yourself so that you control its effect. It’s similar to working out. If you focus on the pain, the fatigue, the number of reps or sets left to do, your brain will experience a degree of fear and make you want to avoid it. Definitely not a reason to ignore pain (it’s a message to improve your form and moderate your intensity). But definitely not a reason to avoid working out either.

You really can overcome most any obstacle with the right training and routine. Steel yourself against negativity. Force yourself to control your perspective. In time the sun will always come out again…

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